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Christ's Grace Covenant Academy - Christian Living Training - Christian Ministry Training A Resource Library of free - Topical Training Tutorials
Christ's Grace Covenant Academy- Christian Living Training- Christian Ministry Training A Resource Library of free -Topical Training Tutorials

                                  WHY                                         does Christ's Grace Covenant Academy exist?

Jesus came to earth to establish a new and better covenant with the condemned people that His Father stilled loved dearly. This covenant is far superior to any that had previously existed because it is based on better promises. It is based in the shed blood of Jesus and on the promise of His Holy Spirit. Also, this better covenant comes with incredible benefits to those who accept it by faith in Jesus Christ's finished work on the cross.


The adverising slogan for this covenant is the "GOOD NEWS", however most people, especially people who profess or pretend to be christians have not been taught or given a list of the complete benefit package of "Grace, Power, Freedom and Peace."


We are all called to be ministers of this new covenant, but that is hard to do if we have not been trained, equipped and empowered to do so. 

That is the Mission of this ministry!


When Jesus came on the scene, He always brought Hope, Healing, and Peace.

We are all to become Just like Jesus!


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